NEOT has six terminals, which are located in Hamina, Pori, Vaasa, Oulu, Varkaus and Kuopio. All of them function as fuel distribution terminals; in Hamina, transhipment and storage of liquid chemicals and oil products is additionally performed.

The terminals employ a total of about 40 persons. The annual volume of product throughput ranges between 1,200,000-1,400,000 cubic metres. Our terminals are well-operated and product throughput is optimized.

All terminal operations are performed in strict compliance with legislation, environmental aspects, and safety risks. Zero accident level is the objective in all areas of safety. Development of our activities towards improved cost-effectiveness, environment-friendliness and safety is our ongoing objective.

The three basic principles of NEOT terminals

QUALITY:  We take good care of our customers.

SAFETY:  We take care of the safety of our operations.

ENVIRONMENT:  We adhere to strict environment policy.