NEOT is an active player on the global Shipping market. We operate our cargoes on a world wide basis but main activities are concentrated within the North and Baltic Sea. The typical stem size varies from 1kt to 30kt and cargo grades shipped include gasolines, different components, several distillate qualities and other clean petroleum products.

We perform all our operations with the highest safety standards by utilizing modern double hull vessels. Further we ensure a safe, cost effective and flexible supply chain by using high quality time chartered tonnage, contracts of affreightment and spot voyage chartering. NEOT is constantly looking for new, responsible ways to work and always maintain the flexibility to respond to market changes.

We have currently five time chartered vessels from Terntank Rederi A/S. The purpose of operating time charter vessels is to secure the cargo flow to our terminals and customers located in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Further NEOT offers these vessels to third parties whenever programme gaps and market conditions are providing opportunities.

  • Ternholm (15800m3, 2005, ice class 1A)
  • Ternvik    (15800m3, 2001, ice class 1A)
  • Ternhav   (15800m3, 2002, ice class 1A)
  • Ternsund (16500m3, 2016, ice class 1A)
  • Tern Sea  (16500m3, 2016, ice class 1A)