Gothenburg Etanolix® ethanol production plant

NEOT produces waste based renewable ethanol in an ethanol plant in Gothenburg in Sweden where operation started in 2015. The plant was delivered by St1 Biofuels Oy. The production capacity is 5 million liters of bioethanol.

As feedstock, Gothenburg ethanol plant uses solid and liquid food industry wastes. These include biowaste from local bakeries and outdated bread from stores. We are continuously looking for new feedstock alternatives to be used in the plant. Animal feed and feedstock for biogas production are produced as by-products of the process.

Would you like to deliver feedstock to the plant or source our by-products?

Contact information:
Roger Sjöström, +46 70 091 6120,
Timo Huhtisaari, +358 10 76 80958,

Kajaani Cellunolix® ethanol production plant

NEOT is currently commissioning Kajaani Cellunolix® plant which will produce advanced renewable ethanol from sawdust, which is a process residue from sawmills. The production capacity of the plant is 10 illion liters of advanced ethanol.

The plant uses sawdust as feedstock. In the beginning, only pine sawdust will be used, however, after commissioning period feedstock base will be extended to utilize spruce sawdust as well. Feedstock is sourced mainly from saw mills located around the Kajaani plant.

Lignin, wood vinasse, wood turpentine, furfural, carbon dioxide and biogas are produced as by-products. Lignin is utilized in energy production because of its high heating value. Wood vinasse can be used as energy or as fertilizer. Wood turpentine and furfural are used as raw materials in chemical industry. We are continuously looking for new uses and applications for the by-products.

Would you like to deliver feedstock to the plant or develop by-products together with us?

Contact information:
Ilona Liukkonen, +358 10 76 80850,
Timo Huhtisaari, +358 10 76 80958,