Fuel oils contain the same high-quality diesel oil fractions as motor fuels. For taxation-related causes, light fuel oil is coloured and contains the Euromarker marking substance. On the Finnish market, light fuel oil can be distinguished by its red colour. Use of fuel oil as vehicle or marine fuel is not allowed.

Light fuel oils

The sulphur-free fuel oil supplied by us is suitable for machinery fuel and heating oil use. The product complies with the quickly developing fuel requirements to machinery engines based on new technology. When used for heating, light fuel oil burns cleanly and evenly.

Light fuel oil is available in summer and winter grade. The cloud and filterability points are the same as in case of summer/winter diesel fuels.


Biological fuel product specification is the same as in case of non-biological light fuel oil. When our customers purchase biological products, NEOT undertakes to include additional 5 per cent by volume of biological fuel in the motor fuels and light fuel oils for the biofuel litres purchased, thereby complying with the biofuel obligation.

Heavy fuel oils

Heavy fuel oil is suitable for industrial and heating plant needs. Several viscosity options are available, all of which are low-sulphur and suitable for Finnish conditions.

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