NEOT acquires its fuels from the best possible sources. With consideration of responsibility and environmental aspects, utilisation of domestic waste and residue-based raw materials is maximized in bioproducts.

Fuels are produced of high-quality raw materials delivered from the refineries of our carefully selected co-operation partners. Most of the oil products we use have been refined in Scandinavia.

In order to guarantee the high quality of our products all the way to the customer's tank, the entire supply chain is covered by oil products quality control. Before leaving the refinery, the compliance of product with legislative and standard requirements is confirmed. Upon receipt of a product shipment at our terminal, the most important product characteristics are checked for compliance with the refinery's product analysis results before transferring it to our tanks.  Product distribution from the terminal is arranged using means of transport applied solely for fuels transportation.

Oil products mainly consist of crude oil-based distillates, one or several biocomponents, and additives improving the product's application and storage characteristics. We strive towards maximization of domestic waste and residue-based raw materials in the biocomponents. Clean products ensure good functionality and reduced emissions.