The purpose of the company's operations is to acquire fuels for its shareholders as cost-effectively as possible at a competitive price, and in a manner, that secures the relative competitive advantage of the customer chains in the market.

We take sustainability and responsibility perspectives into consideration in all our operations. In terms of future fuel solutions, this means that the solutions must be ecologically and ethically sustainable fulfilling sustainability criteria set forth in European legislation, while all operations aim at economically viable solutions.

The company also always adheres to its Code of Conduct as well as values:

  • We exist for the customer
  • We assume responsibility for people and the environment
  • We constantly renew our operations
  • We operate profitably

Sustainability of Biofuels

We manage sustainability in our supply chain through our sustainability scheme which follows the principles set out in European Directives. Our sustainability scheme is approved as a Finnish national sustainability scheme as well as an ISCC trading scheme. To secure sustainability in fuel supply selection the following principles are applied:

SUPPLIER SELECTION:  We supply only from suppliers who meet the sustainability criteria.

TRACEABILITY:  We know the origin of our biofuels and feedstocks.

AGREEMENTS:  In our contracts we ensure that all aspects related to sustainability are respected.

CERTIFICATION AND AUDITS:  We follow the fulfillment of sustainability criteria and if necessary we conduct our own audits.